• NOTE* This is a Christmas Quest, it may disappear as Christmas has long gone.

Quest giver: Christmas Tree

Level range: 1


Keep killing monsters until you have 12 candy canes. Use these to decorate the Christmas tree at the Lonbaley training camp. It may be best if you head down to Bess or Iblin, to kill the Morays or Wild Boars. Then it will be easier to return to Lonbaley Training Camp.

Loot 12x Candy Cane Description

Christmas Tree:

Something is missing on the Christmas tree. You can get a variety of items including candy canes by killing monsters. Collect 12 candy canes. You'll receive a wonderful gift!

[Player Name]:

All right! I will decorate the Christmas tree!

Christmas Tree:

You made the right decision. This decoration will certainly look good on the Christmas tree.


Experience: 0EP.

Chocolate Rudolf